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Nope, you'll need a rim that can take a tyre of that width.
it can be narrower (usually on yard karts that means a 3.5-4" wide rim)
or wider (usually on race karts that means a 5-5.5" wide rim)
it COULD of course be identical (a 4.5" wide rim) but it's not necessary to be identical.

But keep in mind.. it's tubeless (which brings us to race kart stuff)
soooo a single piece rim for tubeless tyres is recommended;
.. 5x5 isn't uncommon and should be easy to find; but that's front wheels...
IDK if you find a rear rims that size (and if you'll need maching hubs...)

hence my yard kart comment earlier,
since you'll find live axle, dead axle and fronts all the same size
rather easily.
but split rims need gaskets and some don't allow a tubeless tyre because of the valve..
so check that first

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