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Originally Posted by 65ShelbyClone View Post
Going by calibrated eyeball, it looks like 140 lifters coupled with 212 pushrods will net some usable valvetrain geometry.
Update 1: usable, not great. 212 lifters and 140 pushrods made a better contact patch, but they are still a bit short. Mock-up was done with a thick fiber gasket, so some of that length will be
recovered with a 0.010 gasket. It's going to require custom pushrods to get it correct either way and now there are enough spares for cutting up to make some. Titanium with steel tips maybe?

Update 2: VHT wrinkle paint is awesome. This the first time I've had wrinkle paint come out correctly on the first try. The picture doesn't do it justice.

I'll show those guys who's in top place, I'll really give 'em a hotrod race.
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