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Alright, back in the saddle.

Hemi 212 valve covers look taller in the photos. The stocker simply won't do given the theme of this engine, but it will at least keep the oil in for now. I know, lets make it shorter!

Brass shim stock because the thing was uneven by 0.008" from end-to-end. Shims reduced that to 0.001" before cutting.

The letters are still visible shadows, but that's just due to the grain of the metal when it was die cast.

None of my torque wrenches would fit in the 140 crankcase and I have no 10mm crow's foot, so I had to make this hokey tool for tightening the rod bolts:

It is exactly two inches from center-to-center, so 0.857 is the correction factor. 12 (12+2) = 0.857. The welding is ugly because I'm not practiced.

Going by calibrated eyeball, it looks like 140 lifters coupled with 212 pushrods will net some usable valvetrain geometry.

I also blueprinted the intake flange. The yellow paper is a proof and it matches the intake port exactly.
I'll show those guys who's in top place, I'll really give 'em a hotrod race.
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