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Originally Posted by 65ShelbyClone View Post
I think it's hypothetically possible, but not sure. More that the head *should* flow enough to not choke the engine below 7k. It might take rockers or more cam to get there.
I ran some numbers in my Engine Analyzer Program to see what I got.

I used 2.50" Bore, 1.77" Stroke, 3.303" Rod Length, and 6.8 :1 Compression Ratio (but I'm not sure how you got there unless you have a flat top piston or a milled hemi head - I got 6.8:1 with a 22cc chamber, a flat-top piston, 0.010" head gasket and the piston sitting at 0.020" in the hole).

I used 27/25mm valves and average port diameter of 0.85" with flow efficiency percentage of 34%. I used 38 cfm for the intake flow (carb).

For exhaust I used 0.85" diameter and 16" long with flow efficiency at 85%.

I used the specs for a CL1 cam (for gx200) with 1.05:1 rocker ratio.

Here's what the program spat out....
Pk TQ around 4300 RPM and Pk HP around 7300 RPM.
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