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Originally Posted by bob58o View Post
Do we get a sneak peak? What parts are we waiting for?
Just a few basic items the engine can't run without.

Originally Posted by bob58o View Post
Are you estimating that the stock cam will give you peak power around 7k RPM?
I think it's hypothetically possible, but not sure. More that the head *should* flow enough to not choke the engine below 7k. It might take rockers or more cam to get there.

If you have the tools, is there any way you could find out and report back with the Intake Center Line of the stock cam?
I can, but first have to build a fixture for holding an indicator in line with the valve. It's straightforward with a Honda's inline valves, not so much with a hemi.
I'll show those guys who's in top place, I'll really give 'em a hotrod race.
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