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Originally Posted by 65ShelbyClone View Post
I'm starting this so I don't get tempted to clog-up another thread with my own stuff.

I've had this GX140 for about 25 years and it was always used for experimenting. It was disassembled 10+ years ago and I thought it got thrown out, but low and behold I found the parts! The original head was ported, cut, and modified beyond use, so what now?

Enter the hemi Predator head. Stock 140 valves are 24/22mm; the hemi's are 27/25 and the ports are larger to boot. By my estimation, with valve springs it could move the 140's power peak to over 7000rpm without porting. So I got one. It will be styled after the second-gen Chrysler Hemi in orange with a black valve cover.

Anyone else thinking about this should know that the compression ratio will only be about 6.8-7.0:1 and there will be no quench because the piston is so small. Currently I'm stalled waiting for some parts.
wow cool i love the color..ill be following this
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