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It ran like a scalded dog. I went from a 68t rear sprocket to a 58 with a 12t clutch which put me at 4:83 gear ratio and could keep it sideways all the way around the track. That thing giving it up was 100% my fault, I simply forgot to plug the valve cover vent in the airbox and it got mud in the engine. I'll probably hone it, slap in a new piston and rings and go again. The cool thing is that I have the hemi head sold for enough to buy the piston and rings I need.
As far as the tires go I just grooved some ht3 maxxis blues. They worked really well, but the edges wore pretty fast on the tread blocks. To set the pattern I just took my leatherman and held it against the edge of the tire with the engine reved up enough to spin the tires to make my first mark, then put one jaw on that line and laid out that pattern across the tire, then I just used my finger to figure the length of the tread blocks. It was pretty easy. I had both tires done in an hour.

Edit: I'm not going to stop letting people ride my go kart, but I'll probably pay a little more attention to how it sounds while they are. It's too much fun not to share.
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