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Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
Nice. Best shaved "eyebrows" photo ever. Looks glorious!

Do tell how you did it. Polishing compound?
As a matter of fact YES! At the very end of course, but yes...and believe it or not I was being a cheap bas%@#! and wound up doing a majority of the work with small metal hand files! And some grinding stones in a cordless drill (which btw I absolutely DO NOT recommend) which really sucked because you simply don't have enough control. Especially while working around that mating surface and the fact it's aluminum, it's just a recipe for disaster... I got LUCKY and didn't scratch the deck but I came very VERY close. So yea, don't do it that way.

Originally Posted by chancer View Post
That Does look nice!
Thank you!
I'll post pics of the entire process. I also shaved the head a tad and cleaned up the deck a bit too, just so I had a good flat mating surface for the new head gasket. I still need to hone the cylinder just to break the glaze but I decided not to bore it and just got the chromoly rings. I plan to reuse the original piston. Now I'm just need a billet con rod and new oil seals, and I'm still researching my carb options. Not sure if I'm going to mod this one or buy aftermarket? I finally found the casting mark on the original carb and it's a #3. Idk if that's good or bad but I'm sure a little more flow can't hurt it. I have however read that these pulsajets aren't the best, but then again Hellion did mention that these "slide" type carbs were decent so idk? What do you guys think I should do?