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Originally Posted by Hellion View Post

Gimme that white flag! Whew, that was a crazed, hysterical block of text. Try making them into little paragraphs, especially if you change the subject.

I'm not even sure at this point where your project is going. Scratchbuilt frame?

Most go kart parts are universal stuff. You can get standardized axle bearing hangers to suspend your rear axle from.

Hollow axles are big bucks. I'd go solid, threaded on both ends with the appropriate keyway for a sprocket. Go to BMI or GoPowerSports and look around. Being a member here gets you a 10% discount at GPS. Code: DIYGOKARTS
Hehehee! I was having a moment. And yes I'm planning to scratch build the frame. I'm going to loosely base it off of the '97 Tony Kart Extreme. But with a bench seat and the engine centered in the rear (maybe a little to the passenger side?).

Thank you for the axle info. There were so many different options it was a bit ridiculous.

Originally Posted by chancer View Post
Also check out He has free plans, and how to videos.
Thx man... I'll take a look at that in a bit.

Lastly, I have some updates... the engine is officially stripped down
But it's not in the best shape. I'll UL pics later tonight but let's just say this guy must not have changed the oil for about 20yrs!? The amount of sludge in the crankcase was staggering. And I'm like 99% sure that it was debris in the oil that damaged the cylinder wall because the piston skirt, on the same side, was toast. It's got matching scratches but they're way deeper on the piston then they were on the cylinder. So my options are grab another motor or get the replacement parts for this one. And I still haven't decided so we'll see? I'm gonna price the piston on Burris' website and weigh my options. I'll keep you guys posted. And as always thanks for the replies