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Originally Posted by Rear engine 86 View Post
I have been thinking alot about this. The metal shop that tig welded my mount and machined my crank said they can build me pretty much any type of exhaust system I want but obviously $$ is a factor here. I dont have a welder so fabing this myself is pretty much out of the question.

I was thinking a straight 1.25 id pipe with smooth bends comming over top the cylinder and then pointing back with a 3/4 pipe thread at the end so I can screw a large sausage type muffler as I dont want to run a pure straight pipe, way to loud!
This has been my main idea but Im open to other suggestions.
The single biggest performance enhancement for a two stroke is an expansion chamber bar none, but it needs to be designed for the particular engines port timing and the RPM level of the engine to where the peak power curve is. If you do not have the resources and tools to build one then you will have to settle for something with less effect.