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nothing special, basic porting supplies is all it is. carbides for material removal and catridge rolls for clean up. i use to use flap wheels and cross buffs but now ive got it dial in without the use of those tools. now theres different shape carbides that i use depending on what kind of room i have in the ports. as for the catridge rolls.... well same goes, there are different sizes and shapes depending on what kind of room i have. all my finishes are with 60 grit by the way, i would go no finer then 80 though for those of u that may try doing ur own. now i have to draw the line somehwere and thats telling how i get my very uniform finish on the ports, sorry guys that took me years of porting before i figured that one out but ill say this..... just like welding practice makes perfect.

theres also the question of what to port.... theres the basic (or standard) key ares to hit like the short side turn and the raising of the roofs but in more modern 4 valve head designs its way more complicated then the basics. now like i said on the first page, just cleaning up the casting will net u smallers gains throughout, correct porting in the right areas will give u more gains all around or in certain pwer bands depending on what ur using the vehicle for and then u could always go buck wild and hog them out which will net u losses down low to due losing velocity and larger gains in the upper rpm range when ur engines needs volulme not velocity. ive got alot of money into flow benching and trial and error to know what works and what doesnt on alot of different heads. but when it comes to a new head, ill look it over, and figure out the game plan based off of what ive seen in similar heads and go to it. theres not much to these but the basics to be honest, im mean the most extreme u could go would be to do some welding on the head in certain places and then port it, and i may do that here soon. hope that helps.