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Call good old grandma and have her get your mom out of the house. Just tell your grams to help you out some. I bet your grandma would go for it. Any bingo around your house?

What are you saying when she will not let you outside? Like grounded?

If I was you I would not mod the pipe. Your mom is going to think it is a jet engine as it is. ANyway to keep it at grandmas after you get it running? Do you think mom will let you ride it?

I would love to have my kid into mini bikes. Sure is better than a lot of things kids can be doing. Last year I had my whole veggie garden ripped out from the roots. I think it was kids not into mini bikes. LOL

What about school? Any shop classes? That would be perfect for you. You got a very cool little mini bike. Keep fighting for the right to ride it.
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