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Default 212 Carb flow data

Thanks for all the info so far.
It looks to me that the stock carb is pretty restrictive, I don't know how people are getting 12 HP with this carb or the bored out versions.
Does anybody have flow data for these, or a Honda GX390 carb?
I even thought of a Tilly as used on some 1/4 midgets, but it looks like its too big. I think it might work but would take an air horn about the size of trombone bell and about that long. It would be ugly as **** but might play some sweet notes!
I don't want a big bog at 3500 RPM. I think a Tilly flows about 50 CFM, maybe something between 30 and 50.
Been thinking of building a dyno, maybe I should build a flow bench.
I like to tune for best average torque.