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Default Predator 212 Engine - Collected Info

I'm collecting Predator 212 info and thought I'd make a thread on it.

The easiest things to do are to replace the stock intake and exhaust. The intake is designed to do a couple things, one is to be compact, and another is to keep the intake noise down. Unfortunately it is also restrictive, and restrictions cause a loss in power, so it's a good idea to ditch it.
The exhaust is supposed to be a spark arresting type. that, plus the baffles to keep it quiet, also is restrictive. Actually, the quieter the muffler, the more restrictive it is.
Here is a webpage where the 212 was ungoverned, with a new intake and exhaust. According to the article, the motor is rated at 6.5 hp (but we knew that) and with these mods it put out nearly 9 hp at 3600 rpm (governed speed) and 9.8 at 4700 rpm. It goes on with a few more mods to pull a max of 12.13 hp.

You might read something about the Hemi head motor. I don't know the specific differences, I can only find that the hemi head motors are better, they came on motors built after June 2013, and have a cast aluminum valve cover. Here's a thread about how the hemi head flows.
According to this post it sounds like you can use a head from a GX160 (5.5 hp) on a Predator with a stock piston and decent cam, and get 17 hp. I wouldn't try it unless I had money to burn.

Here is a debate on ethanol vs methanol. It sounds like E85 is a cheaper alternative to methanol. I would think that if you were going to run methanol you'd want to bump up the compression and build a motor for the fuel. Since I can't get E85 where I live, I'll just stick to regular.

Here is a thread on an all out Predator build. It was at 15 page when I linked it here. (He had just over $1000 in it too)

Parts websites
Cams and valvetrain
Predator engine parts
"Hop up kits" (cheap way to get a bunch of parts)

Torque specs

Fuel injection? Heck yes!

Video time! I don't know this guy and have nothing to do with him, I just thought he has some good videos.

I highly discourage this. It is no way to accurately lighten a spring. With all the money this guy spent on his engine, he should have just bought the right springs.

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