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Default Death Trap Jr.

Death Trap 1 was my lifted Suzuki Samurai. Death Trap II was my 77 f150 with a 429 cobra jet and no brakes. I picked this up off of Craigslist with a quarter midget kart, a mini chopper and a bunch of parts for $40 and some fishing reels. I had planned on stripping it down and cutting off the rusted rear section to add a swingarm. But I decided to rag it out till it broke then start from scratch. The mechanical brakes were not working and it had Harbor Freight $4.99 specials that were missing bearings on the front. The motor didnt run but a quick carb swap and a small fire later we were back in business. I got a torque converter off of Amazon for $40 (Used because of scratches on cover) to replace the Max Torque clutch that fell apart in pieces when I took it off. The chain was in bad shape so a soak in paint thinner to degrease it and another soak in oil made it sorta work. I took the front tires off of my old john deere mower but had to use 4 washers for spacing so they wouldnt rub. Now the nuts wont catch but a few threads but front tires are for wimps anyway. After adding the torque converter I had to flip the axle to get the brake rotor (welded on) room to add the new brakes. I want to find whoever decided that hex axles were a good idea and poke them in the eye. The rear rims are rusted bad and I will need hex hubbed rims to replace. There is only a small chunk of plywood for a sear but at least the headrest is nice. I finally got her together and took her on her maiden run today. I got 20ft befote the chain broke in chunks. At least I didnt catch on fire.
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