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Originally Posted by Fabroman View Post
I think there's a bit of confusion here, post #62 was directed at me, not h/b...

bocanegramusic, the forum rules are in the intro section; as Denny pointed out, if you'd read them, you would've known about multi posting.

I find it interesting that the very next post after "attacking" me (post #63) was yours, meaning, you're still multi posting...

For future reference, to avoid confusion, use the Quote button

Well mr fabroman, I appreciate you coming back to have some more input. Attacking? I assure you, Attacking is a bit much for what I had to say. More along the lines of, letting you know how it should be. Have a little more courtesy. Have a little more respect. And above all, be a human being. No one is perfect and I'm certain everyone has not read all the rules, nor have they studied them to interpet grey zones. So do me a favor and back off a bit. There are plenty of people in here that told me what to do and for you to come back and start your say, tells me you are selecting me as a target for your frustations. I do appreciate your moderator skills as they are fine tuned to the small things. Thank you for being persistent and putting your best foot forward here. You are the best.
Oh, I never said you were a mean and ugly person, I just said, "hey, could have messaged me to point some issues out. No need to blast me in front of everyone. We are all adults here. So treat others as such."

What's the first rule on there? Be respectful. So show some and I will show you some. It is a two way street.

Double posting CAN BE considered rude. Doesn't mean it always is TAKIN that way.

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