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Originally Posted by Half-breeder View Post
Bookmark this for the 'next' time you even "THINK" of the above phrase... again...
Originally Posted by bocanegramusic View Post
You could have messaged me privately and told me that as a warning instead putting my on blast in front of everyone on this thread. Kinda new to this whole forum thing and was just hoping for some advice and help.
But hey, thank you for the heads up and being so forceful with your position as moderator. I guess being new and unaware of rules requires others to shove them in your face for compliance.
I will do my best to follow the rules and obey the law.
First of all, half breeder is not a moderator. The active mods around here are myself, Fabroman and Robertdjung (when he can).

Do not take what other people say to heart. There are no stupid questions on this forum. We were all noobs at one stage, and most of us also knew nothing when we started out. I was totally clueless . After a lot of help from people on the forum i can now strip an engine and rebuild it from the ground up.

Continue doing what you are doing, and ask the questions that you are asking. I suppose the only time people will get annoyed with noobs is if they do not listen to the advice given.

We will get you and your kart rolling if it is the last thing we do. Please do not be turned away by a few people who might rub you the wrong way. Karting is supposed to be fun
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