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Originally Posted by slicksonly View Post
The German sausage joke thing, what's up with that?
... and me being German ...
Pick ONE!

Anyways, tyres...
be aware that garden slick (turf savers) are usually really soft and weak
The HIRUN slicks are available in 2 ply and 4 ply for all I know
(actually a chinese company SCTR, Sutong China Tire Ressource)

Nothing bad about it CST is also chinese (ChengShin Tire)
and with that so is Maxxis..

Anyways.. for road application I'd not rely on 2ply slicks..
4ply is what I'd aim for.

Same holds true for Carlisle btw..
they too offer two and four ply slicks,

And since some sizes are in fact available in both variants,
photos can be very deceiving
make sure to not compare a 2ply tyre with a 4ply one by accident
when checking prices


PS I don't think a SCTR 4ply slick is any bad..
I bet it's not that much different from any name brand 4ply slick
as long as you do not compare it against proper racing slicks of course.
Jokes about german sausage are the wurst.
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