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Originally Posted by slicksonly View Post
The post is in the right spot here.
All other parts
What parts do, where they go, and where to buy them.

The German sausage joke thing, what's up with that?

The joke? was related to me by a friend and me being German it was a real rib cracker. ( )

It's all about parts & karts. **************** Armand
See, there's "all my great-grandparents came here from Germany" German (which I surmise, being from Northern Michigan, is probably the case)

And there's "I am a citizen of Germany" German.

The same joke might not be funny to both.

That aside...

Mower slicks (front tires for ZTRs) are heavier and harder than go kart slicks because they're meant to support a heavier machine and last as long as possible.

Tires at TSC are WAY WAY overpriced. I had to buy a replacement front tire for my garden tractor in a pinch, and it was $45 for a single off-brand16x6.5-8 4 ply turf tire. You can get Carlisles on Amazon for $27ea.
"Well that would be a bomb."
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