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Originally Posted by toystory_4wd View Post
I was grateful, to be sure- but indeed it fell from the sky. Well- working hard and having a good attitude towards the customer helped!

I was doing some flood-related demolition in a Toronto home over the last 2 days. I went into the customer's (80+ year old fellah) little hobby room and saw some electronics related stuff, including the oscilloscope. I asked him if he was an electronics technician, and we talked for a few minutes. Ultimately, he told me it worked and he hadn't touched it in years, so (without me asking) he offered that I take it if I could make use of it.

It's not a particularly freaky unit, but it will do the job! Below is a google-sourced pic of it.

Nice!! While i don't have any electronic widgets that can even come close, I've scored some eclectic tooling of other sorts along the way, the 4'x6' cast iron welding table being one of them....

I really don't have any day to day need for an oscilloscope, other than I have an idea of what I could learn to do with one.... Maybe devino would relocate?????