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Originally Posted by itsid View Post
thanks for the update,
good to know that you notice a noteworthy difference,
with just the measly* 250 rpm gain
[* since you were heading 1500 more rpms, 250 doesn't sound all too much ]

yeah, I bet with a 9->60 (6.67:1) you will make a much bigger step in the right direction;
I'd say that'd be enough to pass the 6k rpm mark..

sid - it is very surprising how much the mid-range on the engine picked up with the install of the 60 tooth rear sprocket! Engine is still pulling after 550 feet. I'm going to try the 9 tooth jackshaft sprocket, fluorescent yellow and blue/silver garter springs (in some combinations) and a yellow high performance driven spring. Also, change the spring hole position on the driven pulley.

I'll post results as I go forward.
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