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Yeah, keys are pretty helpful. I lost one on my drifter once and barely made it home on one tire. They keep the axle from spinning inside the wheels. I don't think steel tubing will be strong enough, axles are usually 1 in. solid steel. And I don't get the 5/8" bolts. Also, welding a sprocket, or anything for that matter, to the axle is ill-advised, and leads to headaches when something breaks or wears out. And a keyway is half the depth of the keystock, that way there us an equal amount of keyway in the axle as say the wheel hub, which allows them to transfer torque without shearing as easily.

You know what, I just realized what you meant by the bolts. I think you're thinking of a dead axle setup, where both wheels freewheel on bearings on the bolts, and one wheel has the sprocket and (usually) band brake drum attached to the wheel. That is the simplest setup that I know of for these karts. With that you don't even need an axle.

I'm just not sure that building a kart from scratch is the best thing to do when it's you're first kart. I'd look around for a cheap frame on craigslist, FB marketplace, letgo, offerup, newspapers, etc. to build off of. However it's your kart not mine, so you can do what you want. Although I am assuming you know how to weld, or know someone who does.
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