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Default #33 Making it look good!

So while the paint was drying on the backside of the other side panel, I couldn't resist putting the foam wrap and go fast stickers on the driver side (you know, it's a proven fact that they are good for at least 50 horsepower!).
I also drilled the steering wheel for the shifter switches. Man I was sweating bullets because of the funky angle the spokes were, I had to manually hold the wheel while I was drilling the 9/16 hole! I didn't want to screw the wheel up!
All in all it came out well. After I soldered the wires on very gently, as if you get too much heat on the pin, the switch starts to melt! I glued the switches into the wheel with clear 3M weatherstrip adhesive. Man that is some serious stuff! The last pic looks kind of hinky I know, but because of the funky angle the wheel spokes are at, I had to get pressure on those switches any way I could.
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