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Default An Ode to Roadkill...

I figured a few... if not all of us... have some sort of story or thing goin on that just might make them Roadkill boys proud of our luck (or lack thereof) so let us join hands and share our tales of woe. This could be anything car, kart, bike, truck, or even boat related. Share your wildest adventures below and let us bask in the gloriousness that is BLEEP luck!

Aaaaand GO!

I picked this '82 Delta 88 up 2 days ago for $500. It made it 1mi, had to add 2qts of trans fluid. Made it another mile, needed gas after just putting $10 in. Made it about 12mi, then water pump locked up and broke the alterator belt. Made it about another 10mi where the front right caliper locked up AND trans ran out of fluid. Not to mention the hood flung open on the interstate because the battery shifted, pulled the hood cable and WHAM! Instant blindfold. (Plus brand new battery melted to the fender) So I took the hood off, put it in the truck, then motored about 5mi before the trans spilled out its guts. So 2 days later it sits in the driveway screaming for help... at least the radio works now.
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