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I'm sorry, I think I don't understand how you want to connect the fourth battery.

I can't exactly see how to add a fourth battery in series with just a push button.

Assuming the following txt-schematics
[motor_terminal A] - [Powercontroller] - [motor_terminal B]
[Powercontroller] - [Bat1-] [Bat1+] - [Bat2-] [Bat2+] - [Bat3-] [Bat3+] - [Powercontroller]
(all the same Powercontroller)
If you want to add a fourth battery in series, you must have at least two connections for it,
[Bat3+] -here- [Bat4-][Bat4+] -and here- [Powercontroller]
at the same time you need to cut the connection between Bat3+ and the Powercontroller
So three contacts, one could be permanent ([Bat3+]-[Bat4-]) I think,
In any way the pushbutton has to withstand quite alot of current,
so I doubt that is a very good idea.


Could you draw a schematic how you intend to connect the batteries, controller and motor?
Maybe I just miss something in your description.


PS I think there are controllers that can do something like this much more convenient and reliable
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