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I've been lookin', seems like, forever for a "base" or box to mount this Amp meter into.

The top or opening, of the container, had to be able to hold the (4" x 4" x 2") "square" meter
…& the bottom had to be (~3 1/2") round, to mount on the bike

Well, lookin' around & thinkin' "outside of the box", I found a 1qt. Brake Fluid bottle that had a ~3 1/2" circular bottom
…& flexible enough to conform to a 4" x 4" square
(fits nice-n-snug)

So, I drilled some holes, in the bottom, for the wires & bolts
…& then, added some mounting "studs"

The wiring is super simple (doesn't even need a power supply)
...only has (2) signal/sensor terminals

It didn't come with directions or a wiring diagram so, I figured the (1) marked (-) must go to the battery pack negative (B-) side of the shunt (black wire)
…& the other (1) must go to "power draw" (P-) side of the shunt (yellow wire)
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