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Originally Posted by Bmr4Karts View Post
So what's the actual difference between the 48v and 60v motors? I've put 70v through my 48v motor without any issues. Also, the 48v motor with a shunt modded 48v controller pulls 50 amps and moves my 300lbs or me and kart up hills with ease.

I put ~40V thru a 24V 450W motor

I also did some testing "straight" off of the battery pack

* "Personal Analysis, of the (3) tests with the ZY1020 48V 1,000W motor

Alfa Wheels speed controller
Take-off ~25A
Accelerating ~25A
Constant/crusin' ~12A
Top speed ~14 MPH

TD Pro speed controller
Take-off ~30A
Accelerating ~30A
Constant/crisin ~10A
Top speed ~14 MPH

With-out a speed controller (just a battery pack, beefy switch & motor)

Take-off (up to) ~100A
Accelerating ~50A
Constant/crusin ~10A - 12A
Top speed ~14 MPH

So, (as Sid said) the speed controller (available amps) doesn't seem to be holding the motor back

The only advantage, I see, is a "harder" acceleration
...but, at the expense of "lots" of amps
…& the top speed was still ~14MPH either way"