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Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
I would go with what I know, standard 3/8" thread tie rods, but you might be able to get by with 1/4" rod...don't know if they make components in that. [/URL]
So things have been going slow- work/life has been hectic and never a dull moment.

But finally was able to make some progress on the rack and pinion. Purchased 1/4” tie rods at first, but seemed to flimsy- went back and got the 3/8” and are much sturdier. Trick is going to be making sure I have the bolt tight enough that there isn’t a large amount of play but not so thought that it causes the steering to lock up/tough to steer.

Cut some steel plates and put on the plastic center to give it a bit more structure.

Now the tricky part- attaching it to the frame. I think I’m going to be able to get by with only needing to cut a bit of the under side in a few places and hopefully won’t have to adjust the steering shaft any for it to match up. If I have to adjust it down some, I will look for a universal joint that can accept a 5/8” shaft on both sides and play around with it some to get it to function.

But the ends of the support stick out further than the body frame- plus have a very limited amount of area to be able to attach the frame- had to cut several inches off the plastic rack and pinion to be able to get it to line up with the steering shaft. I think what we are planning to try and do is attach 2 L brackets to the inside of the wheel hub, cut smaller brackets and build our own square U brackets. I’ll put the bolt right next to the main axle support to brace it from moving back and forth and attach those using 6” fully threaded 3/8” hex bolts. May put another brace on the top of the axle support and bolt there to try and keep it from moving as well. I’ll put some type of steel plate or bar on the inside of the car for the L brackets to attach to.

You think that would provide enough support or try to rip the inside of the car apart? I could put a few bolts through the bottom of the support and into the car on several spots, but just no the driver side since that would interfere with the rack from sliding.

The blue lines on the last photo show the bracket size for the home made square U brackets. Drilled out the 7/16” original hole for it to be able to accept a 3/8” bolt. Will use on of the original holes and drill a second hole where needed to “sandwich” the frame.

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