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Hey guys thanks for the replies. Yeah sorry for the ****** dark picture here's another slightly better and more lit photo:

mckutzy is correct a press tool won't work sadly. I've considering using these axle collars I have and welding some tabs and tapping it for a bolt to create a "pusher" but not sure how successful that would be. I've been soaking it in pb for about 4 days now, did apply a bit of heat to it last night.

I think you're right @mckutzy and I'm going to have to cut it off. I was able to get those 2 pulley looking things to slide off, and I didn't see any set screws or anything so the blade it will get.

FWIW this motor came with a "go kart" for $50, it fired up breifly with fuel poured into the carb but when I pulled the bowl off it was completely dry. If I get this driver off I'll buy a new carb and clutch. If not I'm not out a whole lot.