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Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
I post mainly with a computer and use something called Lazarus form recovery; a browser extension--it saves what you type.

Nope, they do not have to be the same length. There's plenty of two seat go karts, for example that have the steering wheel on the left and the left tie rod is shorter than the right--just on account of where the steering column is mounted.

Does this new rack and pinion setup look beefy enough to handle your steel wheels and tires?
Been mainly posting on my phone and a pain to post pics. Haha

The new rack is all metal except the rack, pinion gear, and the spindles. So IMO I think it should be strong enough. And I think that redoing the tie rods would probably be the easiest fix. So When I do the redo the tie rods I may try to reinforce some of the other plastic parts. Don’t necessarily want to put new spindles on since I would need to weld those and don’t have a welder.

As far as making the tie rods, I have either thought about making them out of 3/8” threaded rod or have seen others use 1/4” turnbuckles. Any suggestions on what might be best? I’ve also seen some 4-5” inch ones that are “traditional” but run $15-20 instead of $3-4 that I could make.

Oh and got a notice that the ESC kit won’t be shipping until 9/2 now. At least I hope to maybe be able to get started on it next week. Have to take the car apart to do it. Planning on adding some steel braces when I put it back together to reinforce. Well see...
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