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Originally Posted by onionfmr View Post
Combined weight of bike and rider is 340 lbs.
Originally Posted by onionfmr View Post
One claim was with a Predator 212 and a Stage 4 engine build, TAV with 146 gram weights and white garter springs, 36/38 tooth rear sprocket and 240 lbs. rider
And that's what I thought would get close..
I was assuming the bike to have about 110 to 120 lbs

Originally Posted by itsid View Post
since you are not exactly skinny
Originally Posted by onionfmr View Post
Thanks for the replies.
Regarding total weight. Bike weighs 165 lbs. You can do the math on my skinny weight addition to the project. LOL.
my apologies for making you 50 lbs heavier than you are

38 sprocket.. no fricking way, not without a compound gear ratio..
that with 6500 rpm would mean 107+ mph on the wheel
So he likely didn't have a TC but a compound jackshaft installed instead.
(too lazy to calculate his first stage reduction)

Cam-wise I'd pick one that puts peak torque ever so slightly above engagement speed.
So down to 4100-4200 if you want to keep the light flyweights;
and down to 3500 if you want stock weights with white garters.

None of that matters if all you want is 50mph
you can do that with a proper setup at 5500 rpms and with 7000 rpm
with a matching setup as you like
I prefere the slower engine tbh.. but that's just me

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