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Default Go Kart Front Axle on kids battery powered ride on (BPRO)

First post and new to the forum- tried to do a few searches and didnít see anything related.

I have a little girl and trying to make the steering on her Peg Perego RZR 900 12V ride on Jeep easier. Will putting a go kart steering set up make it easier or harder to steer?

I replaced the plastic tires/wheels with pneumatic rubber and have put in a larger SLA battery (23 pounds vs 8 pounds stock). By doing that, it started to cause front end sag and a pretty big toe in problem. They sent me a replacement, but has the exact same problem. The problem with the stock steering is it is made out of all plastic except where the wheel goes on. There are several fixes for this issue for power wheels, but havenít found anything yet for the Peg Perego RZR.

Iíve ordered an ESC (electronic speed controller) for it and should be in next week- main reason I ordered is because she hates how jerky it is all the time. With the ESC it provides a variable speed gas pedal as well as a brake and coasting when the foot is off the gas and brake.

The big issue that I think I may run into, is attaching the steering shaft to the main front support- plastic covers the entire front floor of the car. May block where the pitman arm goes as well. Thought about getting a dremel tool and clearing the area for it.

I can not weld, but have talked to a few people that said they would be able to weld for me.

My thoughts were this-
Use a 1Ē square steel shaft as the main support going across the front. Then possibly attaching a bicycle steering shaft to the frame and attaching a pitman arm to the bottom of that. I saw a build where someone used the bike shaft and said it made it very smooth and easier to turn. From the pitman arm attach 2 tie rods and run them to the spindles. Weld the spindle brackets onto the 1Ē square tube.

Only issue I think I may run into with that setup- it doesnít provide any limits on how much the wheel would be able to turn. So may look at doing something similar to Kartfabs free steering setup.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Current steering.jpg
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Here is the current set up right now. As you can see not much room to work with. 1 is the part Im calling the main support beam- plan on putting a 1" square tube in its place and supporting it on the opposite as well. 2- currently acting as the tie rods- steering shaft goes into it and rotates the wheels when wheel is turned. 3- needed to be moved over but shows the current "spindle" setup. the arrow shows what limits how much the wheel can be turned.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Steering column.jpg
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Here is where the steering column goes down and to the front of the car- only about 2 inches in front of it and might be able to get about 1/2" behind it if I really needed too. The box on the left is a fuse block that runs headlights/rears, fog lights and light bar.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Bike mod.jpg
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Here is the picture of the steering mod that someone did on a power wheels build.

Right now the stock steering shaft is very lightweight and just held up by the plastic dashboard. If needed I could figure out a way to add better supports to the new shaft.

Know its a lot on the first post, but any help would be greatly appreciated- even if it's- "That sounds like the worst idea ever!" Im a pretty good DIYer, but a novice when it comes to things like this.

Thanks in advance,

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