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Originally Posted by itsid View Post
time will tell..
I just hope you're not planning on commiting suicide in case you're wrong

But no.. your point would still NOT be valid.. jobs will get "moved" to another factory..
that's what happens on a daily basis (usually from country A to country B these days) and what will happen if combustions engines will be largely replaced by electric motors as well.
shops for XYZ will close since ABC is the 'new thing' and shops will open for that.
you cry about the bubble tea shops closing since nobody no longer cares about that stinkin stuff?
Same idea in a different scale

Oh come on now, surely you knew what I meant. That I doubt they would be banned while we are still alive, meaning so far in the future we will be old and gone lol

You say that no one cares about the tea shops isn't quite the same idea, since "no one" cares about it. It would be a very long time for all the motorheads who like engines to stop liking them and go with electric stuff over that. I don't think I will ever be sold on something completely engine sounds, no smells, no exhaust note under WOT, etc etc. Sure I'd like a Telsa, but not as my only car.

I also think Europeans have a slightly different take on cars and such. For instance, over there my 3.6l v6 Charger is considered very tame. There are a few guys on a FB page I know who live overseas and have the same engine and talk about how large it is compared to the "normal" stuff they see driving around.

So no, I don't see "regular" engines ever being banned without some sort of insane amount of unrest. At least not in 20 years.