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a 250cc (14 ish cui for you fictive scalars)
can surely provide 65 or more hp. (famous rotax v twin two strokes)
Any 250cc two stroke shifter kart engine has roundabout 60-65horses really.
Modern variants scratch on the 100 horse mark occasionally (98hp for the SGM superkart engine for example)
weight comaprable to a gx390.. (incl 6spd gb)

Modern 125cc can get really close to provide 40'ish hp
35hp isn't uncommon at least.
and they weigh less than your average gx200 (incl six speed gearbox )
not cheap .. four figure pricetags are the norm, and the first digit is rarely a one...

the gx390 can be 'racemodded' to 40'ish hp as well by the way.
also not the cheapest thing in the world.

And keep in mind that the engine migt be heavier than the e-motor of similar power,
but the batteries outweigh the fueltank by far..
(especially since the tank gets lighter during a race, whereas the batteries weigh always about the same no matter if fully charged or completely depleted)

And surely maintenance on electric motors is way less of a concern
than it'd be for a small high power race engine.
Battery life expectancy however isn't too good these days..
so that's where most of the 'mainenance' costs will end up at.
and the batpacks are usually the most expensive part on a raceworthy e-kart.

IDK if there's much to save going electric tbh..
especially under racing conditions you need to swap batpacks rather regularly I'd suspect.


PS still electric alternatives have to be pushed forward.. if they can compete... time will tell
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