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Default ASW/CARBIDE/QUANTUM 7150-150cc Kart wire question

Hey there!

Many names this Kart goes under... Officially (per manual) its a Quantum 7150- 150 Kart.

Its a DC fired CDI.

I purchased the Kart used the other week from a UTV dealer in in Colorado. It had sat in a barn for while before the previous owners decided to trade it into the dealer...

Any who I bought it, took it home and started going thru it, cleaning it up etc..

While cleaning out the electrical box I noticed the black/red wire with nothing to connect to... I wonder is this would be the extra wire going to the CDI if it were an AC fired unit. .. Any one familiar this wire?

One last question- I plan on upgrading the DC CDI- is this wire applicable to a plug and play upgraded CDI or would it still be a unneeded wire?

Much obliged!
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