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Default Wheel & gearing question

First, I would like to thank you in advance for responding with helpful information. Its great that I can come to this site and get info that helps me enjoy my toys.

I have a mini bike bobber & would like to put a larger tire on the rear. It currently rides on a 15x6.00-6. I would like to go to a larger size to make it look more proportional. I was thinking more like a 10" rim. I don't want to get any wider. Any help would be great.

The other thing I would like to change is the lack of low end power. It is pretty slow off the line and I would be willing to sacrifice top end for more pick up. It has a 54 tooth rear & a 10 tooth front. I rode next to a friends truck and on his speedo I topped out at 28 mph. It has a 3 hp Briggs which soon will be replaced by a 5 hp Briggs. The 30 MPH range is plenty for my neighborhood.

When I increase the wheel size I am guessing I will increase the top end & decrease the low end.
Any suggestions on how to gear it so it doesn't feel like I'm standing still when I take off?

I'm also am replacing the over sized seat.


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