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Originally Posted by Bison
I have the perfect frame DIY kit for your school project. Check out the frame and what you can do with it in this forum. Look for me under the post "Maxi-Frame minibike build". It will give you some idea of the very bare bones you will need to start your project with. You'll will ace your project if you create something new and not copy what is already out there (I'm not saying that you are mind you), along with quality workmanship, of course.

My frames and finished minibikes have both a hand rear brake and an adjustable scrub brake as well. The scrub brake is for us old timers who are used to just a scrub and have a habit of reaching for it when we want to apply the brakes. It's also for nostalgia as well. What's a tube frame minibike without a scrub brake!!

You do realize this thread was started 3 years ago and has been dead since 2010, right?
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