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Slight change of plans, I have stripped down the shaller cart and claimed anything useful. I had used the engine from it to put my dingo on the trail, but the rest of that cart needs work. So, until I can get everything I need to truly finish the dingo, I'm robbing the gx270, and the sprocket hub to use for this build.

The shaller had a wet clutch set-up and was belt driven to the axle with twin drum brakes, one wheel peel. I believe I've figured out a way to utilize the belt drive, wet clutch and a single drum brake, along with the de-governed gx270.

I know I'm going to catch a little grief after expressing how bad I wanted a flathead on it, but this allows me to have roughly $35 out of pocket on the entire build, the temptation is too strong, plus it will get me motivated to rebuild the gx390 for the dingo, it will work itself out.
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