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gegcorp2012 - Thank you, I did end up getting an auto darkening helmet as well, the handheld one that comes with this welder is ridiculous, it might work ok but you definitely need both hands most of the time!

I had to get a new chain to fit the larger sprocket, once I got that on I took it for a few more test spins and I am really happy with this gearing. I got it up as high as 4300 rpms according to my hour/tach meter which is plenty high enough... I wonder how high these 79cc's will rev before you have to start worrying about things. It is completely stock and the governor hardware has not been removed. I've got 36 minutes on the engine it looks like. The 1P1R setting is the correct setting on these type of tachometers for this engine? With that setting it shows an idle speed just under 2000 rpms, I guess if it fires every revolution the spark on the exhaust stroke is a waste spark?

I got the brake return spring in it's final configuration, the lever on the caliper has two holes so I got another clevis and hooked it up to the second hole. It seems to work good and the brake feel is pretty spot on. I also welded on a guide bracket for the brake rod, it was flexing at the bends I made in the rod and this reduced that a lot.

Next things to tackle are figuring out a seat and re-doing the rear body mount. I think those are the last things before I can take everything back off to strip the frame and re-paint it.
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