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Haha first, second and third test drives are done!

It's not real powerful, obviously, with that 79cc motor on there but it does eventually get up to speed. With the 11T clutch, 72T sprocket and 14" diameter tires it was getting up to 23 mph on my speed app pretty easily. According to a spreadsheet I whipped up to calculate rpms and speeds that should be right around 3600 rpm, the way I hooked up the throttle I bypassed the governor so I didn't want to go much faster than that on a motor with all of 10 minutes of run time on it. Plus it was about 5 or 6 degrees above freezing and it gets real cold at 23 mph!

Now that I'm confident that everything is working as planned, considering this IS my first time fabricating anything like this, I can move forward with more upgrades and repairs. None of my welds broke apart so I was happy about that lol.

I did upgrade the brake return spring, this one is 16 lb and works much better than the two smaller 6 lb springs although I'm still not real happy with the sticky feeling mechanical caliper.
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