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Default Electric mysteries

Originally Posted by Quinc View Post
Careful hooking that up directly to the batteries. Might be too many amps for it. There is a cable that comes off the controller called "indicator" that is a voltage output and will come on when you turn the power switch on.
This is a challenge for me because of the mysteries of electricity.

I wired the battery indicator up to the "Indicator" wires but got nothing.
I reversed the wires, still nothing, I checked the wires from the controller and my ohmmeter reads no voltage at all. Actually the meter shows "00.00v" until I touch the wire then it changes to "0-L". I don't know what that is indicating on my ohmmeter but whatever it is it isn't working.

So I moved on to wiring up the fwd/rev handlebar switch which I thought would be easy, only two wires. And it was, sort of. Wired up I turned the key on and sure enough it works! Only the position of the switch is backwards, when the switch is fwd, the motor turns in reverse rotation at lower rpm, when the switch is moved to rev the motor spins in fwd rotation at full rpm.

No problem, I will just switch the wires and that will fix it.
Nope, when I did that the motor turns in rev rotation at reduced rpm when the switch is in EITHER fwd or rev positions???? Huh?

I tired that twice with the same results so I wired the switch to where it gives me both fwd and rev at the correct rpm, even though the switch is backwards. I will make labels to put over the ones on the switch.

Then I decided to put the battery indicator wires in the connector for the fwd/rev switch to see if that would power up the indicator...

More mystery for me, when I did that, not only did the indicator not light up, the motor now only ran in reverse at low rpm no matter which way I set the switch. I don't understand how this works but evidently it is not just a positive/ground wiring system.

I pulled the battery indicator wires back out and the motor went back to correct operation.

I still had no idea if the battery monitor was good or bad so I wired it up directly to the power connection block and installed the battery... It works! It didn't appear to mind the full power of the batteries but I can't turn it off since it is not wired through the key so that won't work.

I think if I wire the power (+) for the battery indicator to the key switch wire after the key (downstream? I don't know the correct term) and the ground wire to ground, then it should work. I think. Maybe? I am scratching my head with this stuff.

I will wire up the speed range switch tomorrow and I wonder what crazy results I will get with that?

I did find a good front trunk storage box and battery holder:

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