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Awe look what the mailman just dropped off for the F1. Torque converter's enroute. I use mostly mower tires. I live on gravel they do great and cheap also. I use turf savers keep the wife happy. Lol!!! Just one problem, here in a few im going to go get an old 8hp briggs. If it runs I could be using it instead of the 212. Something just doesnt seem right about slapping china on a vintage kart. I used to run 8hp briggs on light frames with big tires as a kid trust me they are fun and have a lot of low end grunt. We will see. Gota order a bigger converter. This kart is mostly road cruising I might try a clutch since I already have one. A frame that doesnt weigh anything makes up for the large tires I never used converters anyhow we see. There ok if you just step on the gas and go. Yeah, we see how these turf savers do in the yard spinning 6x faster than the karts moving lol.
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