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Originally Posted by Ronaldraasch2000 View Post
Hey gents could a go kart engine have a vacuum problem in the gas tank? I have a predator 6.5 hp 212 cc engine on my go kart . It dies after I ride up the road. I try the restart it and it starts then dies as if it doesn't have gas . I then open the gas tank and shut it again and it seems gas is now in the carb and it runs the same distance and dies again. I did take off the oil level gauge per the video but it still did this gas scenario. Any advice?

FYI I thought this thread could help since it is on a bumpy road
I had a similar problem with the 420cc pred. I was told that you need to fill the gas tank no higher than the bottom of the fill filter, not to the full level indicator, which is too high. Once my fuel level got low enough, no more stalling.