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Default Engine Dies On Tight Turns Or Bumps? Read This!

If your engine cuts out on bumpy ground or corners, or you cannot start your engine after filling with the correct amount of oil then try disconnecting the low oil

The engine in the video is a Honda gx200 6.5hp clone engine.

The oil level switch is activated by a float.
When this float goes below a certain level the switch is activated to prevent the engine running with low oil.
However, when cornering or going over bumps this can cause the oil to slosh within the crank case and the float to bump up and down, activating the switch as if the oil level is low.

Therefore for karting uses we generally disconnect or fully remove the low oil sensor to stop the engine cutting out. If the sensor is removed, the hole can be plugged with a short bolt of the correct diameter.

Be sure to regularly check the oil level and condition after disconnecting or removing the low oil sensor, otherwise you could severely damage your engine. Many components can seize or wear rapidly within the motor with poor quality or incorrect grade oil, or worse, too little oil.
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