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Default Fix is in!

While getting to work with the great suggestions I also wanted to fix something bugging me. The live axle sure had a lot of slop in it and as this was one area I didn't break-down for rehab I figured lets start there.

Tightening the axle clamps didn't do anything and sure seemed to be a large gap in the bearing hanger. What the heck - maybe wrong width bearings?

Nope. Whoever had it before didn't hang the clamps right! Probably didn't help the chain throwing problem. Anyhow photos show corrected hanger clamps!

Went to move the sprocket inward to meet the plate but seemed like the key was spot-welded restricting RH movement. In any event it wouldn't budge. Pushed it over as far as I could, then had to use the riser plate to ensure the TC cleared frame.

After that removed those rubber bushings. Tightened it all up and it rips perfectly! Down the road I think I will still move to a 41 chain set-and go with new bearings hung on three-bolt hangers. Seems to hold fine but man that's a small chain. Maybe its just in comparison to my Triumph or Kawasaki KDX chains!

Frame ID update: After some real deep dives in the interwebs it seems this frame is a late 80's or 90's Invader Fun Kart Jr. (3 1/2" shorter steering column). NorCal Invaders were nice sprint karts from a family company (out of business now) and I guess this was their "yard" line sold for a while to help pay the bills.

Don't know how good they were, but as mentioned the frame is solid with nice welds. Roll cage and nerf bars were optional but ours didn't come with any. (They seemed a little janky from photos anyways...)

Thanks again to all for the great help! My twin boys just love drifting on wet grass in that little kart!. They get their licenses next year so thankful for this time I have with them now. And they sure know now what it might be like getting their own project cars - How to research, source and install right! (With help from DIY!)
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