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while a chain can certainly be too short, or rather two sprockets can be too close together

what you have looks to be a fairly common layout for a yard kart like yours;
and while I cannot name make or model, your engine plate doesn't seem to be lower than
the average yard kart engine plate (say on a carter, kartco, ken bar, manco, yerfdog etc...)
very few have raised engine plates,
many don't even have their axle that far below the frame rails.

So my best guess would be, you will be fine.

if you're worried however, just keep the secondary engine plate in place for now,
just remove those rubber grommets and see if that already solves the problem.
saves you from reloacting the sprocket hub.
It on it's own shouldn't cause any troubles at least.

if it's still throwing chain however the next step would be to indeed remove it
and then work from there..

it's still not impossible that the axle isn't perfectly parallel with the TC's jackshaft;
the fewer adjustable parts there are, the easier it'll be to identify the part that's causing the issue

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