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Default Hey DIY-ers!

Hey guys,

I'm new to this forum and to forums in general. I've been coming to this site for about a year for ideas and advise but never joined. I want to say a big thanks to everybody- which apparently you have a button for- and I look forward to both learning a lot and maybe giving some advise myself.
Alabama, USA's my home, and I ride my kart anywhere I can. I started karting with a 20mph 5.5 hp yard kart. It ran a centripetal clutch to 1 wheel drive and was a blast. However, the "Speedway Series" brand kart- if anyone's ever heard of that, pretty sure it doesn't exist anymore- did not last in my hilly neighborhood, and I took a go kart hiatus to work on R/C.
R/C never could replace the feeling of actually riding, so I eventually got the same kart back. I had done a little research in my spare time; I chopped out the back end and replaced it (still rigid) with a 1" live axle setup powered by a lightly modified gx200 clone and a TAV2. I replaced the steering wheel with a scooter steering column and handlebars, and I also made custom plexiglass fenders. Because of several wrecks I have had to make custom spindles also (still rigid). This setup powers me to a questionably safe speed of 55mph and even with ribbed tires gives me some cool off-road ability.
Most of the money I've spent has gone into repairs for mistakes, but it has been well worth it so far. Hopefully on this site I can avoid spending on mistakes and improve instead.

Thanks again for the forum,
David C

PS: Would post some pics but don't really have any. I'm stuck in a dorm right now so hope my description is good enough.