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Default Engine Throttle Hook Ups to Clones / HF

After reading many of thread on here talking about throttle hook up i thought id might be able to help some.

h.f. motors
b&s race linkage hookup-5.00
3/16 drill bit-2.00
5/16 drill bit.-2.00
cable and line-6.00
Ok first picture shows the bracket you get. I drilled a 5/16 hole in the air intake and ran a bolt with a nut and lock washer on it.Held the bracket with no problem. Than i screwed in the pressure fitten.

Next i took a 3/16 drill and drilled a hole all way threw the throttle arm.I than ran the cable threw makeing sure the ball end was on the lever side.Next i added a nice strong spring.I was going to attach to a screw but decide just to attach to one of the vents.a screw would look more professonial.

Than add the outter cable which is just brake line,and used the pressure fitten to hold it in place.

When using this type you must be care if you are using clips to hold down do not crease the line.

Than ran to pedal and hook it up.I left extra wire because im not for sure how i want it to be hook up.I mean it works fine but im not happy with the pedal hook up.

this wasnt to bead to hook up about a 3 i give it on the hard level there are many ways to hook it up this is just the way i decided to go.
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