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Originally Posted by Budget GoKart View Post
the only logical reason for a clutch on an electric motor would be.... WHEELIES!
Originally Posted by Tpdingo View Post
AC motors work just fine. Specifically 3 phase motor inverters are fine efficiency wise, and controlling isn't too hard if you know what your doing. All modern electric cars use AC drive motors. If it's 80hp, it's likely an EV motor which would work fine for a Kart, if not ludicrous.

So no, you don't need a large extension cord. And more voltage doesn't equal more weight. Use more smaller batteries.

And not just's 80hp. Likely that motor puts out something like 120ft-lb of torque. You can direct drive that motor if you could connect it easily to an axle.
You are correct.
We have it currently as a direct drive. We want to "hit it" quicker off the line so a bit of motor speed with an AC motor provides that function.

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