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Electric motors generate MAXIMUM torque right off the bat! So no, a clutch will not make an electric kart wheelie.
And anyway, you'd lose at least 1800 RPM of power when you could be GOING! Plus the clutch will actually dampen acceleration due to the extra moving parts and the slip. Plus you have to maintain it.
On top of it, I don't know of ANY 1 1/8" bore clutches of torque converters.

80 HP!!!!???
I don't think you have a DC motor, much less a motor suitable for a kart.
"Depends on the application."???
Seriously? You want advice from us and won't tell us WHAT you are doing??
Come on, man. We need tons and tons of details, and most of all, PICS!
Sorry if this sounds harsh, but this thread is going nowhere but down without details.
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